Title I For Parents

As a Title I School, Elizabeth Elementary School receives supplemental funds from 
the federal government to assist our staff in meeting the educational needs and goals
of our students, particularly those most at-risk. The use of these funds are determined
by our school improvement team and typically support: Additional teachers, TA's or tutors,
professional development, learning materials and resources, technology, parent & family events,
and resources to use at home.



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CCS Title I Website



Elizabeth Elementary School

Title I

Annual Public Meeting


Family Engagement Policy


In case you missed it on 8/11/22, please view the slideshow about the

EES Title I program and services students receive. Please see Resources

& Data for further information regarding Title I and School Improvement Plans.

Elizabeth Elementary Annual Public Meeting 2022-2023 Slideshow

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Title I Annual Public Meeting Handout 2022-2023 (English)

Title I Annual Public Meeting Handout 2022-2023 (Spanish)

School Improvement Plan

MTSS Summary for all Parents 2022-2023

MTSS Summary English

MTSS Summary Spanish